Principelle Matrix

Principelle Matrix is a next generation sterile composite hydrogel wound dressing. Its design is based on a naturally occurring bioactive process. Mimicking this process synthetically allowed for a close match to the complex processes that take place in chronic wounds.

Principelle IF

Principelle IF® is a sterile wound dressing, comprising an inert acetate substrate impregnated with an ointment containing a blend of trace elements and medical grade honey. The formulation for dressings contains no synthetic components. Minerals, trace elements, and oxides are directly blended with medical grade dark buckwheat honey.

Pelsan and Pelsan+

Pelsan is a skin regeneration cream developed specially for dehydrated skin resulting from heat and sun exposure, or after radiation or laser therapy. Pelsan does not contain metal ions in its composition and can be used regularly throughout radiotherapy.


MelMax® is a sterile, inert wound dressing impregnated with a metal-ion formulation and medical grade buckwheat honey specifically selected for medical use. The blend of trace elements (metal ions) normally also occurs in wound exudate and in the woundbed. The formulation aids regulating MMP production in the wound bed.


Protect your lips from the discomforting presence of cold sores. Linosol helps prevent and minimise the effects of blisters. Soothing upon application>


Celan® is a medical grade honey based skin care ointment which contains active herbal ingredients with proven biological activity. For superficial skin problems such as eczema,
 redness, itches or desquamation (flaky skin).